Digital ruble in Russia: Mandatory payments for companies starting from October 2026

Russian Companies Obliged to Accept Digital Ruble

Starting from October 2026, large Russian companies will be required to accept payments in the digital ruble. This is one of the key changes that the Central Bank of Russia plans to implement in the payment system. The introduction of the digital currency aims to facilitate fast and secure transactions.

Deadlines for Acceptance of Digital Ruble for Different Types of Companies

According to the bank’s plans, smaller companies will also have to adapt to the new reality. Companies with an annual revenue exceeding $330,000 are obligated to start accepting payments in the digital ruble no later than October 1, 2026. On the other hand, enterprises with income ranging from $220,000 to $330,000 will have an additional year for adaptation, until October 2027.

Companies with an annual revenue below $55,000 will not be required to accept the digital ruble, providing some relief for the small and micro-business sector.

Payment System Innovations

In addition to introducing the digital ruble, the Central Bank of Russia plans to launch the Faster Payments System (SBP) to streamline payment processes. The SBP application, available on smartphones, allows for instant money transfers, which is expected to have a positive impact on the development of the financial system.

Benefits for Companies and Customers

The changes introduced by the bank aim to increase competition, improve the quality and availability of payment services, and facilitate settlements in digital rubles. The Central Bank of Russia claims that the new regulations will enable companies to reduce the costs of payment services, which may contribute to enhancing the financial efficiency of businesses.

CBDC Piloting Development

By the end of 2023, 1.5 million Russian companies had adopted the SBP payment infrastructure, representing a significant increase compared to previous years. The second group, consisting of 17 banks and hundreds of thousands of companies and individuals, is set to join the digital ruble pilot testing already within the current year.