American sanctions against an Iranian company: What is behind the decision of the US Department of the Treasury?

The US Department of the Treasury Imposes Sanctions on Entities Linked to Iran

The US Department of the Treasury recently announced the imposition of sanctions on the Iranian company Information and Communications Technology Corporation (ISC), which was connected to the Central Bank of Iran. This decision was made due to allegations of illegal export of goods and technologies from the US to Iran.

Sanctions Against ISC

ISC, a participant in the creation of the Iranian digital currency of the Central Bank, was penalized by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) on February 14th. The company was accused of providing support to the Central Bank of Iran and facilitating the illegal shipment of technology to Iran, contributing to its penetration into the American market.

Consequences of the Sanctions

The sanctions imposed by the US Department of the Treasury aimed to punish ISC for violations and halt illegal export practices. Additionally, OFAC also levied penalties against Advance Banking Solution Trading DMCC based in the United Arab Emirates, which operated as a front for ISC.

Combatting Illegal Technology Exports

The United States is taking active steps to combat illegal technology exports, especially in critical areas such as digital finance. These actions are an important part of a strategy to protect American interests and ensure compliance with international regulations.

Development of Digital Currency Markets

Iran, like many other countries, is beginning to explore the potential of digital currencies issued by central banks. The issuance of these currencies can help improve access to finance and reduce the costs of commercial transactions. In the context of global fintech and blockchain development, the market for digital currencies is becoming increasingly attractive to various financial institutions.

ISC and the Digital Rial Project

ISC is working on the digital rial, utilizing the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain platform led by the Linux Foundation. Projects related to central bank digital currencies are a significant area of technological development, whose impact on global financial systems could prove to be substantial.