What will really happen as President Joe Biden reveals his plans for the cryptocurrency market?

12 February 2024 | 15:16

President Joe Biden accidentally linked to Bitcoin – what really happened?

Some people may have been surprised when President Joe Biden posted a photo of himself on his Twitter and Instagram profiles with “laser eyes” visible. The photo also included the caption “just as we planned.” Both the photo and caption sparked speculation and questions about Joe Biden’s connection to the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Background of the event

The caption “just as we planned” could be interpreted as a reference to the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 2024. The photo was posted shortly after the game, suggesting it was a way of celebrating the team’s victory. However, the presence of “laser eyes” in the photo raised questions about what it could mean.

The “Dark Brandon” meme and cryptocurrencies

It turned out that the “laser eyes” were part of a meme called “Dark Brandon.” The meme portrays a dark online persona attributed to Joe Biden by his supporters. This meme has been used in various contexts to celebrate Biden’s political achievements. Many in the cryptocurrency community saw it as subtle support for Bitcoin.

Reactions from the cryptocurrency community

After the photo was posted, the cryptocurrency community quickly reacted. One question that arose from the Twitter post was about the consequences for the ETH/BTC chart. Bankless, a popular cryptocurrency service, took note of this question. Additionally, an anonymous user known as WhalePanda indirectly accused Biden of “cultural appropriation,” suggesting that the president was using cryptocurrency-related trends for his own benefit.

Lack of clear support for cryptocurrencies

It is worth noting, however, that President Joe Biden has not expressed any clear support for cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. Any speculations on this matter are therefore baseless. It is highly unlikely that Biden would post something directly related to a specific cryptocurrency.

The trend of “laser eyes” and cryptocurrencies

The trend of “laser eyes” originated from social media campaigns aimed at driving the price of Bitcoin to $100,000 by the end of 2021. Well-known and influential individuals such as NFL player Tom Brady, socialite Paris Hilton, and entrepreneur Elon Musk expressed support for this goal by posting photos with “laser eyes” on their profiles.

To sum up, President Joe Biden’s posting of a photo with “laser eyes” is not directly linked to support for cryptocurrencies. Any interpretations in this regard are merely speculation from the cryptocurrency community. It is important to exercise caution and draw conclusions based on politicians’ actual actions and statements.