“Exploring the World of Money: Research and Innovation”

Joseph Huber – Expert in the Field of Economic Sociology

Joseph Huber is a retired professor from the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg in Germany, specializing in economic sociology. His contribution to the research on money in the 21st century has gained recognition worldwide.

The Book “Sovereign Money” as a Reference Point in the Money Debate

The book “Sovereign Money” by Joseph Huber, published in 2017, has become a significant reference point in the discussion on the role of money in the contemporary world. It has deepened the analysis of monetary mechanisms in different economic systems.

Study of eNaira Perception in Nigeria

An evaluation of eNaira perception in Kano Municipal, Nigeria, was conducted through a survey involving 129 respondents. The results of this study can shed light on the acceptance of digital payment forms in the region and provide guidance for future regulatory actions.

Development of Digital Currencies in Sub-Saharan Africa

The analysis of the South Africa Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and Digital Payments Survey focuses on the development of central bank digital currencies and digital payments in the Sub-Saharan Africa region. This study can provide significant insights into financial sector trends in this part of the continent.

Social Coins in the Digital Era

A publication discussing social coins in the digital era highlighted three countries – the Bahamas with the Sand Dollar, Jamaica with Jam-Dex, and Nigeria – which have introduced their own central bank digital currencies. These are examples of innovative approaches to monetary issues in the digital age.

Forecasting Recessions in Canada

Research based on a probit autoregressive model analyzing the possibility of predicting recessions in Canada using US economic activity indicators and financial data can be a valuable tool for economists and policymakers.

Utilization of Blockchain Technology in the Banking Sector

An overview of the benefits of utilizing blockchain technology and outsourcing agreements in newly established specialized banking communities in Russia can serve as inspiration for other financial entities seeking more efficient solutions.

Analysis of Central Bank Communications

Utilizing data from 1996-2023 with textual features of statements from 53 central banks has allowed for the identification of significant facts regarding the communication of these institutions. This is a further step in analyzing the actions of central banks and their impact on the financial market.

Development of Central Bank Digital Currencies

Research focused on the analysis of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and their potential impact on the financial system helps to better understand new directions in money and payment developments in different countries. This is an area that is likely to significantly evolve in the coming years.